Elise V Allan

Website: http://www.elisevallan.com

Email: elisevallan@aol.com

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dust wake, mixed media, 25 x 35 cm

cold water, gouache, 24 x 17.5 cm

fragility (breathe), gouache, ink, 23 x 33 cm

innocence, gouache, ink, 27 x 20 cm

north east, gouache, pencil, 33 x 24 cm

south east (the fool), gouache, pencil, 33 x 24 cm


"I was born from the mud" Tatsumi Hijikata
"It is not art I aspire to, but love" Natsu Nakajima

There was a point where the creative direction I had been following was over. I had often thought about Butoh Performances I’d seen years ago, and how they seemed to relate to a sense of being intensely present that I could sense in other contexts.
Synchronicity brought me to Butoh classes where I was reconnected with the innately intelligent language of sensing, which had once been at the core of my creativity, intuited, but in our cerebral culture, easily dismissed. I was beginning to understand that if sensing is given space to inform the mind, communication could carry more substance.

In my paintings and collages I’ve aligned myself to the physical - through movement before I begin, or by sensing how the materials, colours and shapes resonate with my body and move in my hands; while some of my earlier paintings were primarily drawn, my current paintings are, essentially, danced. Physicists tell us we are stardust, with massive spaces within each atom. The relationship between space and flesh is felt; as Kazuo Ohno once said, “the dancer’s costume is to wear the universe”.