Emily Coulson

Website: http://www.emilycoulson.com/

Email: emily.coulson@btinternet.com

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Breathe, bronze

Edge, bronze, glass, marble, acrylic

gold crown, bronze


I have a background in glass and ceramics however in recent years I have been working with bronze. I have been exploring my past/future self by focusing on objects which have a significance to me and which carry the ideas I am expressing.
The hot water bottle has been a part of my life ever since I can remember and in one form or another has travelled everywhere with me…even to work. It reminds me of a time where we had no electricity in our house and the cold was bitter, but also Jack Frost drew the most beautiful ice pictures on the large windows of our house. Pomegranates are the human element because of their mythology and symbolism and intrinsic beauty.


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