Emma Booth

Website: http://www.emmaboothartist.com

Email: eeb@emmaboothartist.com

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'Self Portrait' (2018), Acrylic on Canvas with Legs.

‘Deconstructed Painting (Self-Portrait) with Fran, Kate, Missy and Rose.’ (2018)

'Fran, Kate, Missy and Rose' (2018) Digital Collage.

'Soft Circles' (2018) Acrylic Paint on Sewn Canvas.

‘Deconstructed Painting (Self-Portrait) with Fran, Kate, Missy and Rose,’ (2018).


Working in abstraction allows me to capture thoughts and feelings that cannot be put into words. My reflective and mindful journey is often represented through certain colours and shapes, that mean much more than the label they are given. By making these uncertainties into a tangible form and expanding my painting away from the constraints of a stretched canvas, I can begin to deconstruct and bring order to my world as I know it to be.

My relationship with yellow is neither a negative nor a positive experience; its boisterous personality captures my anxieties but also represents a state of calmness as it is something I can identify with and feel a connection towards. If yellow was a person, it would take on the forms of Fran, Kate, Missy and Rose. They are also part of ‘The Negative Wee People Who Follow Me Around’ family that I bring to life through collage.

‘It is no fun to be yellow. Maybe I am not yellow. I don’t know. I think maybe I am just partly yellow…What you should be is not yellow at all.’ – J.D. Salinger


I recently graduated from City of Glasgow College with a First Class Honours Degree in Contemporary Art Practice. I am an active member of the Glasgow Print Studio and recently received the 2018 New Graduate Award from the Society of Scottish Artists. I was also recently selected by the WASPS Meadow Mill Curation Panel to undertake their inaugural ‘New Graduate Residency: De-Compression.’ The four-week residency took place July – August of this year; giving me the time and space to reflect on my degree work and develop my creative process further.


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