Fay Donnelly

Website: http://www.faydonnelly.com

Email: faydonnellyartist@gmail.com

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New World Disorder by Fay Donnelly 2018, Mixed media and Digital painting.

'Dear Firefighter' Etching and Chine Colle Print, A3, 2017

'Pina was a Painter' Graphite and Dragon's Blood resin on Tryptych Board, 14' x 4', 2016

'Kakistocracy' Oil and Encaustic on Canvas, 8' x 5', 2016

'Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk' Still from 2016 Performance based on Djuna Barnes "What it feels like to be Forcibly Fed" 1914 article in New York World Magazine

'Alpha with the Head of Omega' Digital painting/alteration of Google Map of the Omo Valley, Ethiopia, A1, 2019


As human creatures can we grasp the gravitas of our current situation, politically, environmentally and socially? These are matters which inform my practice and push my research into new lines of investigation of the human condition, conflict and resolution.


Born and raised in the Midlands, Donnelly currently lives in Glasgow, Scotland.
Recent artistic influences include Kathy Kollowitz, Margaret Harrison, Judy Chicago, Ana Mendieta, Picasso, Marlene Dumas, Martha Rosler, Aiweiwei, Jeremy Deller and Francis Bacon. Early life influences stemmed from Renaissance and Baroque artists like Michelangelo, Da Vinci, A.Gentileschi and Caravaggio,

Donnelly often develops work through various transformational processes including painting (oil, encaustic and digital), printmaking, installation, sculpture and performance, producing work in both 2D & 3D.

Process is imbued in Donnelly’s work. Her oil paintings, sculpture and etchings use methods of ‘carving’ (using a hot iron with oil/encaustic and carving/etching tools) reflecting a ‘carving’ out or revealing of a subject’s more hidden or censored aspects. In a similar way her performative work seeks to ‘carve’ out some covered over nugget of history or political unrest.

Donnelly’s work has been exhibited at Supernormal Gallery, Singapore, Artpark, House for an Art lover, Glasgow, Grace Ffyfe Gallery, Glasgow School of Art, Edinburgh Scottish Art Club, Chimera Gallery Mullingar, Ireland, Guelph University Gallery Canada, Maker Heights Gallery, Rame, Cornwall and Artmill Gallery, Plymouth.

Donnelly’s work is held in Private collections in Germany, Ireland, Singapore, UK and Canada.


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