Gavin Johnston


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Fly and two bumblebees , acrylic on board, 25.5 x 25.6

Orchis mascula stone lithograph and screenprint 29 x 24.5

Green-veined white butterfly ,stone lithograph and screenprint, 16.0 x 19.6

Herring gull ,screenprint ,25.5 x 25.5

Old meal mill at Garrabost , Isle of Lewis acrylic on board 32 x 43

Minch lythe stone lithograph and screenprint 47 x 61


I am a landscape artist inspired by the colour and form found in nature. A keen enthusiasm for the environment and woodlands provide the basis for my current images. I like to make prints and paintings which represent my strong feelings for the countryside. Whilst I am stimulated by drawing on limestone and the expressive effects of stone lithography I also find the direct and flat medium of screenprinting effective for my colourful images . In addition I particularly enjoy pastel and watercolour painting direct on site out of doors as well as painting nature and panoramas with acrylic at an easel in the studio.


Born in Falkirk in 1950 Gavin Johnston studied rural estate management . He is thus a self taught artist whilst he earned his living as a Chartered Surveyor. In 1985 he had the opportunity to learn the basics of etching from a prominent German artist who lives in Edinburgh. From that year he has been a Member of Edinburgh Printmakers and has had his work selected for several of their themed exhibitions .Retired from full time employment in 2010 he now devotes most of his time to art work. His work was hung in the RSA for the 99th Annual Exhibition of the SSA . His images were hung in the Scottish Arts Club in February 2012 and his work was selected to be displayed at the Stand of The Edinburgh Printmakers at The Edinburgh Art Fair in November 2012.