Gemma Scott



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I am a massive lover of bright colour and bold, fast painting. I currently focus on drawing and painting animals (birds, dogs, cats) but also dabble in landscapes. I prefer to work in acrylic on medium to large sized canvas. I paint from my spare room cum studio at home and typically paint from photographs I have taken.

I love the work of Julie Dumbarton for her use of bright colour and varying texture.

I am also obsessed with dinosaurs, but I don't paint them (yet!)


Born and bred in Edinburgh, Scotland. At high school I was thoroughly entrenched in art, studying at Leith School of Art and Edinburgh Art College at weekends and during summer. Then I gave it all up to do languages at Uni...

I didn't pick up a pencil or brush for about 14 years, suffering the fear that I might have lost any ability I once had. My partner bought be an easel this year (2015) and I rekindled my love of drawing and painting again with gusto.