Georgina Bown



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Sub-Missive2. Monoprint. 970x720mm.

Sub-Mission. One off Monoprint. 700x600mm.

Weird thing. Steel Sculpture. 9600x900mm

Sub-Base1. One off Mono print. 800x700mm.

Sub-Space1. One off Mono print. 700x700mm.

Sub-Missive1. One off Monoprint. 700x600mm.


Through my fascination with the sculptural and engineered characteristics of these magnificent nautical structures, I am currently developing 3D morphed beasts. I’ve been exploring the similarity of evolved sea creatures with the forms and functions of the architecture of these deep sea constructions. I’m also intrigued with the power of these menacing and threatening machines at the same time as exploring and exposing their vulnerability. Sometimes rendering them defenceless as a captured whale, strapped and out of water.
I believe there’s an essential link between Printmaking and Sculpture, where the physical use of industrial machinery exposes you to the senses of touch, noise, and smell. I'm at home with the workshop environment, love it!, it stimulates me to create and problem solve.