Gregor Henderson



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Brimham Rocks, 97cmx97cm, Spray Paint on Panel

Sc st, 65cmx95cm, Layers of Cut Card

Tunnels Gold, 65cmx90cm, Spray Paint on Board

The Sisters, 75.5cmx45.5cm, Spray Paint on Panel

The Naval College, 122cmx53cm, Spray Paint on Panel


2015 graduate of The Glasgow School of Art with Second Class (Upper) Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art with Honours.
Stencil artist based in Glasgow, working from derelict and abandoned urban architecture, exploring decay and nature’s reclamation of altered space. Using the process of layering cut paper to reinterpret the spatializing practice of Scotland’s graffiti writers and merging the dimensional boundaries imposed by the utilisation of a fundamentally flat medium. Also developing this idea through exploring classic Scottish landscapes – mountains, coastal views, rock formations etc. - via the medium of stencilling and the merging of distinctly natural subject matter with synthetic media.