Han Fleming

Website: http://www.hanfleming.com

Email: mail@hanfleming.com

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PLASTIC WRAP III C. 2017 Sculpture Taxidermy; Corvus frugilegus, Plastic Wrap, Mannequin & Clay Block

La ménopause. c2018 Screen Print, 42cm x 59cm

Death of the Individual - feather study c. 2017 Photography

PLASTIC WRAP II C. 2017 Sculpture Taxidermy; Sciurus vulgaris, Plastic Wrap & Mannequin

WASTE C. 2017 Installation


Art is born, in my case, through detachment. Using a multitude of mediums, my work, although inspired by disarray, are meditations on interaction and reaction. Favouring the human condition, my chosen subject matter is often fragmented and unintentional, realised when I identify a prior thought or experience that I need to express in some way. As a generalisation, much of my work transforms an existing composition into another, something that I change through manipulation, modification or destruction. Quite often a single expression is lacking and a body of related work develops around a vision or revision of single theme, often exploring the human-animal relationship, speciesism, sexuality or feminism


I am a self-taught artist working mainly with found or discarded objects. My work includes bronze, contemporary taxidermy, ceramic and stone, as well as screen printing, digital collage, film and photography.