Hayam Elsayed

Website: https://www.instagram.com/p/B3WrdMdnhKt/?igshid=1va07uzc0jd9j

Email: Hayamelsayedart@gmail.com

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Devin wholeness- 50x70cm oil on canvas

Self love 120x150

Aloura - 30x45- oil on canvas

sunlight - 40x60-oil on canvas

Pure gold - 60x80 cm - oil on canvas

The flower lady - oil on canvas - 50x50


I am an egyption artist ...as Sean I work broad spectrum of styles and mediums, .I am fascinated by human emotions, sensuality and space. I search for a universal form of imagery in order to unlock specific reactions and emotions on the observer within each one of my speak.
Currently I am represented By galleria360 In Florence , Italy . and I am working in my studio most days...


Hayam is an up-and-coming artist. Whilst relatively new to the art scene she has already carved out a signature style to her work.
Hayam paints portraits that express intense emotions, with faces that reveal feelings of love, courage, hope and strength. Observing every face she see’s; Hayam paints the live expression of her subject giving it a life of its own. Her technique embodies detail drawing lines and colour choices that highlights the subjects’ intense gazes.


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