Hazel Prichard

Website: http://www.hazelprichard.co.uk

Email: hazelweeks@gmail.com

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Midsummer Midnight. Acylic. 61x61cms

Continuum: Shoreline series no.8. Egg Tempera. 45x28cms

Interface: Shoreline series no.6 Egg Tempera. 35x30cms

Patio, pots & seed-heads. Egg tempera.38x28cms

Tenacity of Beauty. Water colour. 37x28cms.


My work is a response to my environment, experiences and memories. I am constantly absorbed by the complexities and subtleties of the visual environment and am intrigued as to how memory affects our responses. My reaction to a subject is triggered not only by the visual qualities but factors such as its history and the mechanics of that environment. If I am interested in a subject and feel compelled to make a painting, then there must be a reason, and it is this reason that I am exploring rather than making a representational image.
I am interested in the process of creating an image, the physicality of painting and mark making. Creating an image is a journey which allows an image to evolve and hopefully to find a successful outcome.


I studied at Farnham School of Art back in the 60's. Have since had to take paid employment ending up in the world of arts development and cultural management. I am now free a from paid employment and dedicating my time to my practice.