Heather Philp

Website: http://www.artdefronsac.com

Email: h.philp@artdefronsac.com

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As an artist, my goal is to interpret the coexistence of old and new in our environment. Over the years my work has evolved, not so much in subject matter but in its treatment. The focus of my work has always been an interpretation of the effect of light and dark on a subject in a manner that leaves room for questions and imagination.
Inspired by the early Impressionists, I love the challenge of using colour to create images, depth and light rather than creating mirror images of what we see. I choose a variety of subjects, landscapes and cityscapes, but I prefer the built world and how life and time affect it. I aim to breathe life into ancient doors, windows and alleyways seductively inviting the viewer to wonder what lies beyond.
Aging buildings fascinate me, the beauty of youth lost with a look that has weathered time yet a wisdom within, accessible to whoever dares peek within, tread the path or explore the alley.


Heather Philp is an Australian artist whose style is heavily influenced by French Impressionism. Her preferred medium is to work in oils on canvas using a palette knife to create depth and drama.
Heather has undergraduate qualifications in applied science, Interior Design and Training with continuing post-graduate studies in fine art including programs on French Impressionism through Oxford University.
Her life has been packed with artistic and academic pursuits including musical theatre and dance performances in Australia and the UK. In addition to her love of painting she continues to practice as a competent pianist and harpist, speaks fluent French and actively pursues her interests in Ballet and dance, although these days this is more as an enthusiastic member of the audience rather than as an active participant.
For several years now her painting style has been driven by her passion for Impressionist palette knife work in oils. Inspired strongly by the French Impressionists, she strives to capture moments of life with the changing effects of light and colour. She likes to create images that leave space for interpretation by the viewer and helps transport them into the scene.
Her compositions gravitate towards scenes of beautiful old buildings and landscapes that have so many stories to tell of the people that have passed through them in years gone by. Being a Francophile at heart, French scenes of ancient walls, windows, alleys, doors and fields will always capture her eye and imagination as she seeks to share the enchantment and the history such structures have been part of.
She is also an animal lover with an attraction to small mice which has led to the evolution of her signature icon of a small mouse that she hides away in each of her paintings. The search for the mouse in Heather’s artworks encourages young children to examine and enjoy art.
Heather’s works are held in private collections around the world and have been shown in a number of online, solo and group exhibitions in Australia, the US and Europe in recent years. Many of her previous and current artworks can be viewed online at artdefronsac.com.
She is a member of the Royal Queensland Art Society, the British Impressionist Society, National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society, National Association of Visual Arts and the Art Association of Australia and New Zealand.
“Nature is but a dictionary…to be consulted, not copied.” -