Jacqui Higgs

Website: https://www.jacquihiggs.co.uk

Email: jacquihiggs@yahoo.co.uk

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Dog drawing

Blue Birds Collage

Kipper Dog

Promenade (II)


Tryptich (Kirkcudbright)


My practice is a continuation of drawings and paintings on paper; an observation of the ever-changing forms and surfaces of the North Sea - magnificent in its power and beauty - fleeting images of urban graffiti provide a contrasting background to some of the images.

I am presently working on small on-site drawings of the Portobello kilns and surrounding area which I am developing into larger scale paintings. The kilns currently stand in the midst of a construction site of new low-rise flats, and the engineering equipment which is present shall feature in some of the work.

My drawings and sketches begin outside and are developed into larger works in the studio, or left in their raw and primal state. I am currently working towards a joint exhibition at the &Gallery, Dundas Street running the 24th - 30th October 2019.


Many of the drawings and paintings currently exhibited have been developed from recent visits to Kirkudbright and the nearby location of the remote Sandgreen. Done in-situ, salvaged materials, structured surfaces and storm damage debris enter into the pieces.

I am currently working with applied silkscreen under-layered into the images, and I am developing this with wood block printing and watercolour figuration. The process of excavating, exploring surfaces derived from sea, shorelines and places on the edge, is at the forefront of my practice and is reflected in the title of the forthcoming 2019 show in Edinburgh: 'Traces'.


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