Janet Melrose

Website: http://Www.janetmelrose.com

Email: janetmelrose@btinternet.com

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Bird cage 92cm x 92cm Mixed media on Canvas

Thought of a Fox 30cm x 30cm Mixed Media on Board 2010

Flight Lines 100cm x120cm Acrylic on Canvas

Wagtails 84cm x 102cm Acrylic on Paper 2009

Watching Birds 100cm x100cm Acrylic on Canvas

Making of Shaman's coat 70cm x100cm Watercolour on board.


I have always been interested in nature and the way our life is affected by it. I make drawings of plants, birds, animals and insects which live in the area which I also occupy. I am acutely aware of the fragile balance in which we all exist.
My paintings are my way of exploring my environment. At one level they record incidents which I have seen: roe-deer disappearing into the depths of the wood; our dogs standing still sniffing the air for clues.
At another level they make connections with memories and ideas I have from childhood songs and pieces of poetry. I created a series of paintings which began with remembering the words from a song sung to me as a child “ if you go down to the woods today”. This both enthralled and frightened me and it is with this feeling that I make these paintings.
I want my work to contain only that which is necessary. I want the colour and marks made to be carefully placed on the paper or canvas and to feel as if everything is hanging in the balance.