Janette Kerr

Website: https://www.janettekerr.co.uk

Email: janettekerr2@gmail.com

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I’ve worked with northern landscape for the last 15+ years; always been drawn to extremes and edges. For the last 10 years I’ve been focussing on the sea 60 degrees north. Working en-plein-air is integral to my process of making paintings, and while studio work doesn’t have the immediacy of the work made out there, it may hint at or evoke a ‘physical reality’; equally it is more about what I think I see or imagine. I would struggle to make purely abstract paintings but equally I don’t make purely representational paintings – the work lies somewhere in between. I have recently collaborated with a film/sound artist and branched out into making installations.


Janette Kerr is a seascape painter. She exhibits widely throughout the UK. Elected as an RWA Academician in 2003, becoming President of the RWA in 2013. She is an honorary Royal Scottish Academician. She has a Practice-based PhD in The Representation of Night in Painting (UWE 2005).


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