Janice Fleming

Email: janicefleming@btinternet.com

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Elusive memories, silver gelatin print

where the crows fly, mixed media

freedom, cyanotype on paper

shell sculpture, cyanotype on paper

flowers & text, cyanotype on paper


The natural environment, our relationship and connections to it are the main motivators of my work. Walking is an important process in gathering inspiration, connecting with the natural world and in processing thoughts as are the influences of the writings of Rebecca Solnit and Robert MacFarlane . To bring to notice the otherwise un-noticed, the fragments, fleeting moments, spaces glimpsed, the ‘bits in between’, and capturing a sense of place are the current elements which drive my practice.
My work has evolved to be predominantly lens based but it increasingly forms the basis for mixed media work involving printmaking, collage and stitch as well as materials such as shellac and beeswax. I have been experimenting with alternative processes such as cyanotype and pinhole photography which are not always predictable and can lead to unexpected results and some happy accidents. Whilst I do make use of digital technology my preference is for a 'hands on' approach which encourages experimentation and exploration. Working with uncertainty, supports the creative process. The materiality of the medium and process are the important elements in my practice as is the surface quality, in making work which engages not only visually but in a haptic sense. The idea of photography as a medium to be manipulated and combined with other techniques and mediums is something which excites me.


I graduated in Fine Art (Hons) from Moray College, Elgin in 2015. Since then I have been a member of Wasps studios in Nairn. I am also a member of the Highland Print Studio, Inverness where I have been exploring etching and photogravure processes.


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