Jean Firth



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they met in the dance hall / oil on copper / 20 x 15 cm

White Wash White Hot / oil on aluminium / 20 x 15 cm

Memories of Bangour II / oil on board / 10 x 15 cm

Memories of Bangour IV / oil on board / 10 x 15 cm

She would turn wee boys into frogs / mixed media on canvas / 300 x 150 cm / 2018

She could leap 30 feet in the air / mixed media on canvas / 300 x 150 cm / 2018


I use obsession and repetition within my work to fully explore and resolve my ideas. I use painting and sewing to portray memories from my childhood. There is an intentional naivete to the way I compose and create work, to evoke a sense of play, hope, and understanding. I want to recreate and retell stories and memories of childhood and importance.
In doing so, I turn it into legend, into my own tale to tell. I want to explore the emotions that tie me to these memories, and by painting it, I transform it into something public. Through the outsiders interpretation and understanding, I can shape my work, closing some doors to see through, opening others.


Jean Firth is a young artist from Hawick, based in Aberdeen. Jean recently graduated from Gray’s School of Art with a first-class honours degree in Fine Art (Painting). Jean’s work presents itself in a variety of mediums – oil, sewing, sculpture and installation.
The work is figurative, yet surreal – never revealing too much about the original subject matter but setting out a narrative to be uncovered by the viewer. Jean often deals with themes of childhood, motherhood, and the power and pain of nostalgia. She responds to many influences but finds painter Rose Wylie and installation artist Mona Hatoum to be among the most important at the moment.


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