Jenni Gudgeon



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Pucks catching a unicorn, etched photograph, 46.5x15cm

A troll hoping for a goat, etched photograph, 46.5x15cm

Will o' the wisp beckoning, etched photograph, 46.5x15cm

Attacking flower fairy, etched photograph, 46.5x15cm

Ghillie Dhu chatting to a dryad, etched photograph, 46.5x15cm

Gnome on the lookout, etched photograph, 46.5x15cm


For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by the idea of worlds within worlds and that which is hidden at the edge of normal perception. Much of my artwork incorporates this hidden world idea, revealing realities that are veiled in some way from normal sight.

By etching into photographs, I am combining the everyday world, as picked up by my camera, with the fantastical world of the human imagination. Photographers are always extremely careful to guard their prints against scratches and I enjoy turning the tables on this normal behaviour to make scratches and scrapes a desirable addition to a photograph and a thing of beauty in its own right.


Jenni Gudgeon is a Fife based photographic artist who creates one off art works by etching designs directly into the top layers of her photographs.

She studied photography at Napier University, graduating in 1995, and started drawing classes in 2006 in order to add an extra element to her photography.

Jenni takes a lot of inspiration from her local area and most of her work is firmly rooted in the Howe of Fife. Her latest work is to write an illustrate a children’s book detailing the fairy tale creatures she meets while walking in her local woods.


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