Jill Bennett

Email: jillbennett9@btinternet.com

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Pink Casot, Collioure.

Vineyard with Casots, Collioure


Dovecote above Kechrovouni, Tinos

Dovecote near Tzados, Tinos


I am a member of Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop working mainly in stone lithography, though I also enjoy occasional forays into plate litho, screenprinting, etching and drypoint. It is through stone lithography that I am most able to express my fascination with all things old, crumbly and ruinous: layers of peeling paintwork, the gorgeous colours of rust, the texture of disintegrating stone. The medium of stone litho provides the ability to build up layers of semi transparent colour and gives texture with the drying reticulations of tusche applied as a wash to the stone.


Graduate of Edinburgh College of Art, Drawing and Painting.
Formerly Teacher of Art in primary schools for children with special needs.
Member of Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop.
Professional Member of Visual Arts Scotland and former member of council.
Professional Member of SSA and currently member of council


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