Jill Macleod

Website: http://www.jillmacleod.co.uk

Email: jill.macleod.art@gmail.com

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Forth Lines, Acrylic on Board, 40cm x 82cm

St Andrews Pier Acrylic on Board, 60cm x 60cm

Loch Leven, Acrylic on Board, 60cm x 60cm

The Three Brethren, Acrylic on Board, 60cm x 60cm

The Tay from Norman's Law, Acrylic on Board, 40cm x 40cm


Focusing mainly on harbours, water and landscape my work emphasises a shape or a particular line sketched, photographed or remembered and the process of constructing the composition often results from deconstructing the idea, sketch, photograph or object to its simplest geometric form. Minimising an object to a shape and distorting proportion alters how we perceive landscape. Depicting solid objects as hollow, or empty, or filling others full of pure blocks of vibrant colour, encourages the focus on the composition and how one area interacts with another within the space.


Born and brought up in Fife. Graduated BA (Hons) (Open) from the Open University (1998) and Edinburgh College of Art (BA Combined Studies) 2011. Lives and works as an artist in Edinburgh.