Jim Boon

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‘Capstan’, 840mm x 600mm, Mixed Media, 2003

‘Harbour Series No. 11’ , 1000mm x 700mm, Mixed Media, 2003

‘Patina’, 1000mm x 700mm, Mixed Media, 2004

‘Reclaimed’, 840mm x 600mm, Mixed Media, 2003

‘Windlass’, 360mm x 600mm, Mixed Media, 2000


The particular ambience created by abandoned and neglected buildings and other man-made objects that corrode and decay on the North-East coast, particularly around harbours and coastal defences, has for many years been the starting point for most of my work.

Objects and buildings no longer fit for purpose, constantly changing, eroding, shrinking, and their integrity under attack from the elements; have a potent symbolic resonance as well as being things of extraordinary beauty.

The paintings themselves are created over a lengthy period where layers of paint, plaster, resin and found material are worked and re-worked, added to and partially removed, suggestive of the evolving nature of the subject.

The paintings are less to do with the literal re-creation of these landscapes and the objects within, than with creating a construct that in some way echoes the inherent qualities and symbolic significance of the environment that inspired them.