Joanne Soroka



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Lots of Dots, 142 x 144 cm, tapestry in layerstapestry, 142 x 144 cm

Terra Incognita I, 18 x 22 cm, tapestry with embroideryI, tapestry, 18 x 22 cm

Captured, 9.5 x 10.5 cm, ash seeds, leaves, linen, metallic

Terra Incognita, 213 x 145 cm, tapestry in layers and segments

Golden Section, 143 x 152 cm, tapestry i layers


My primary medium is tapestry weaving, supplemented by other textiles and paperworks. I aim to use the possibilities of colour and texture to the maximum, by juxtaposing shiny and matte materials, for example, or watery to solid colour. Some of the work is based on paper collages and is built up in layers. Another preoccupation is patterns that almost repeat, similar to those in nature such as ripples on water.

Much of my work has also been about my ordinary but ethnically-diverse ancestors. I weave together the meanings of their lives with varied forms of tapestry, combining it with other techniques, to create innovative surfaces. I ally emotion and abstraction, creating a personal iconography. Through memory and place, I tell a universal story, the theme being that we are all related. In infusing this important idea with beauty, I feel I can enhance communication on many levels and can move viewers.


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