John Williams



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Storm Cloud, Oil on Linen, 2016

Pollen Path, Oil on Canvas, 2016

Dawn, Oil on Canvas, 2016

Otterston Loch, Oil on Linen, 2016

Namaste, Oil on Linen, 60x70cm 2016

Study of a Crucifixion, Oil on Linen, 110x140cm, 2016


For me painting is all about exploring the elemental oneness of light and colour that manifests the shapes and forms that surround us.
I would describe my painting as organic impressionistic with degrees of abstraction.


I'm a contemporary painter living in Fife, Scotland with a studio that overlooks the river Forth.
For my tenth birthday I received a box of watercolours and I've been painting ever since. These days my work is mostly done in oils on linen but I also use acrylics and watercolours for studies.
Mainly working with hog hair brushes and palette knifes, I work in an intuitive way and react to what happens during the making of a painting. The atmosphere of my paintings comes through working, and often by chance. This can be frustrating but I want to be surprised; I would get bored if I followed a set procedure.