Joyce Gunn Cairns



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'Boy will gulls'


'The widow'

'Birds on a wire'


'Bumble bee'


My work has three strands:
The first is expressive figurative. Using my own middle-aged body for stimulus I am seeking to integrate in my painting and drawing the memories and media messages which have informed and continue to inform my understanding of myself as a woman and as a sexual being. My engagement with my body is also impelled by my desire to challenge the forces - political, religious, sexual - which seek to exact a conformism to a value system that ultimately crushes each person's right to, and ability to, speak with her/his unique voice, and define her/his physical and metaphysical shape. There is a religious dimension to all of my work, both traditional and unorthodox: traditional insofar as I am inevitably influenced, in my life and in my work, by my inheritance of the christian faith and its values; and unorthodox in that I no longer align myself with any one faith, while simultaneously honouring my Christian inheritance, and the influence in my life of angels, demons, and all manner of animate and inanimate life forms.


Works held in several collections including The Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, Cambridge and Oxford Universities, and Edinburgh City Council. Two forthcoming solo exhibitions: For three months from 11th October 2013, Creative Ageing Exhibition in Llochgelly Centre, sponsored by the Luminate Festival; Solo exhibition in The Scottish Arts Club as 2013 prizewinner.