Juliana Capes

Website: http://www.julianacapes.co.uk

Email: mail@julianacapes.co.uk

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“Loveletters” - 2015 - Paper airplanes - Hidden Door, Edinburgh. Dimensions variable

"Aquifer" - 2015 - Balloons, water, air - SSA15, RSA Edinburgh. Dimensions variable


Juliana Capes, an Edinburgh based artist who creates temporary and durational installations, objects and drawings that investigate object, space and participation in simple and ingenious ways, with environments and interactions inspiring and contributing to meaning. Her artwork can be characterised by it’s placement in public space, it’s interaction with the public or the associations of it’s constituent materials to people. Her work searches for emotional resonances inherent in human processes, possessions and memories.


Juliana Capes's work has been exhibited across the UK and internationally. Recent exhibitions have included acclaimed installations at Edinburgh Art Festival, Deptford X Festival (London), CityLink Festival (Copenhagen), National Galleries of Scotland, Cupar Arts Festival and LeithLate16. She has recently been supported by an Award from Edinburgh City Council and Creative Scotland and won the SSA 2015 Exhibition Award at the Royal Scottish Academy. In 2017 she became a Professional Member of the Society Of Scottish Artists.


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