Karen Thomas

Email: kp16.thomas@gmail.com

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Mooring, Mixed Media 2019 60x60

Becalmed, Mixed Media 2019 60x60

Quayside, Mixed Media and Collage, 2019, 30x30

Coastal Walk, mixed Media, 2019 30x30

Landings, Mixed Media, 2019 60x60

Bright Harbour, Mixed Media, 2016, 30x30


I am inspired to by nature and the beautiful Berwickshire and Northumberland coastlines close to my home, but am drawn to coastlines anywhere.. I work mostly in mixed media, often using monoprint as a starting point. I have just completed a year of printmaing at Leith school of Art, and am looking forward to further experiments with screenprint.


I was born in Aberdeen, then moved to the Scottish Borders via
Edinburgh and East Lothian. Art at my school was about drawing photographic representations of bowls of fruit, which failed to spark my enthusiasm. After a brief 3-year spell as a nurse, I studied History and Social Anthropology at the University of Aberdeen, then postgrad Community
Education at the University of Edinburgh, Since then, I've had a variety of jobs including youth work, piano teaching and most recently counselling and psychotherapy. In 2011, I began studying art at the University of Edinburgh ADS, and have also completed courses at Edinburgh Printmakers' and Leith School of Art.