Kate Downie RSA PPSSA

Website: http://www.katedownie.com

Email: katedownie1@me.com

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Lost in Corsica charcoal and collage on paper 2003 70x180cm

The Sea Between monoprint 2003 56x77cm

Jump acrlylic on canvas 2003 100x200cms

Road to the Deep North acrlylic on paper 2002 35x54cms

Water of Leith ink & collage 2002 60x110cm


My work is both public and personal. Whilst the majority of my work is defined by geography or subject, I view myself as a conceptual expressionist. I draw in the public arena because I must; it is my way of exploring how the world works. I seek to establish a fragile counterbalance between function and emotion, and place myself in the midst of action as a still point in the flux.

What happens to those drawings, how they become transposed into ideas, perceptions, or merely a distillation of memories, is entirely my own affair. I have been very lucky, in that what I like to do most is what many people enjoy looking at


Born in North Carolina in 1958, Kate Downie studied fine art at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen. She is currently artistic director of Interchange, Aberdeen-based vision consultants for the integration of Art, Industry and Commerce.

Kate Downie has exhibited widely over the past 22 years. Over that time she has worked in painting, drawing, photography, collage, installation, performance art, filmmaking, and murals. Her current work includes exploration of river and estuary bridges through giant drawings, installation and film work. She is also researching images of “new Scotland”, an investigation through drawing into the phenomena of new civil engineering and building projects in this country.