Katharine Aarrestad

Website: http://www.katharineaarrestad.co.uk

Email: katharineaarrestad@yahoo.com

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Title: God has not left himself without a witness

Title: awakened by Divine grace

Title: where unknown, there place monsters

Title: there is mercy for you

Title: because there are no more lands to conquer


I have been developing techniques of reverse glass painting using enamels, acrylics and sheet- metals. I remain interested in the effects of light and the lack of it within my work; evolving this current method after years of experimentation spanning use of iridescent materials, semi- translucent papers and perspex.

I explore translations of meaning through time by depicting “lost” nostalgic figures and landscapes to create a shifting vision of reality. The images become duplicitous in significance, chiaroscuros of conflicting cultural sensibilities. I endeavour to explore the spaces, tensions and relationships between viewer, image and narrative. Juxtaposition of titles ‘opens up’ this experience.


Katharine Aarrestad studied for her postgraduate in European Fine Art in Barcelona and has an MA degree in Fine Art from the University of Edinburgh and the Edinburgh College of Art. Her work garnered critical acclaim at her solo show in Edinburgh's prestigious Bourne Fine Art Gallery, the Royal Scottish Academy and the Glasgow Art Fair. Katharine's medium is reverse painting on glass, producing an art that is haunting and unique. Travels to India and South East Asia informed some of her earlier work, she finds equal inspiration from foraging through libraries, museums and galleries with a particular predilection for the Victorian, the curious and the absurd.


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