Katie Beth Avey

Website: https://kbavey.wixsite.com/katieaveyart

Email: katiebethavey@gmail.com

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Waiting on the Telephone

Locket II

Shouting Distance

Christmas Cards at Larch Gove

Bump Bump Bump



Informed by a collective of memories from one family home, my practice is an exploration of how I can translate specific personal moments through the process of painting.

“Memories of pleasure, pain, sadness and joy, are the common thread that unites all human beings. Memories are our existence, and art is their system of replication.” (Farr 2012)

A chosen memory is always the stimulus. Developing shapes and forms from initial drawings, my paintings reflect the sensations felt while unpacking the memory, through a specific texture, a precise colour or a particular noise. The drawings vary from memory to memory; sometimes they require a different type of mark or restraint for me to develop the outcome. Shape is an extremely important element in my work. I believe that developing specific shapes, relating to individual objects and spaces (which are often suppressed beneath layers in the painting) harmonises with the mysterious workings of our minds.


Katie Avey is an artist who recently graduated from Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen with a First Class Honours degree in Painting. She is currently based in her hometown of Edinburgh, continuing to develop her practice in a new studio at Edinburgh Palette, St Margaret's House. She is continuing to explore and investigate a collective of family memories; drawing, collaging and creating new paintings.

Since graduating Katie's work has been featured in the BEEP Painting Biannual, Swansea and several works have been selected for the Battersea Art Fair New Graduate's Exhibition in October. In December six paintings from her Degree show will be part of group exhibition, 'Spontaneous' in Nolia's Gallery, London.


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