Kyra Clegg



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Night Migrants - mixed media sculpture

Hides & Habitats - mixed media installation

Lines of Flight - video still

Shadow Show - video still

Mare Terrestrial Mare Celestial - prints on aluminium dibond

The Looking Pool - video still


My practice includes mixed media installations, video and collage. Using different mediums I disassemble and reconnect images and ideas searching for new relationships. Fragments reflect a piecemeal perception of reality but their reconstruction holds the possiblity of finding deeper connections. My work explores landscape and concepts of narrative and memory. I am interested in how our inner perceptions create patterns in the external world.


I am a multimedia Scottish artist based on the north east coast of Scotland. My current practice uses moving image and installation work.
I have exhibited both nationally and internationally and my videos have been shown in film festivals in the UK, America, Germany, France and Estonia.


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