leila alice smith

Website: http://www.leilaalicesmith.4ormat.com

Email: leilaalicesmith@yahoo.co.uk

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Smith is a research and materials led practitioner, primarily creating sculptural installations to consider how materials can communicate certain ideas, experiences and memories as phenomena innately. Working across mediums she negotiates the idea of a ‘material language’, allowing for experimentation and play as a way to accept the materials agency. The making process examines the artist’s own sensibilities and experiences to create an embodied relationship with the work that is constantly shifting. Architecturally gestured sculptures come together in installations to create spaces that allow the made objects to have a dialogue surrounding the ideas that inform the work. Being technically trained in metal work and carpentry enables her to explore scale and materials in a professional way, and there is particular emphasis placed on the skilful delivery of the work. The viewer is invited to bring their own ontological searches of self, other and world as collective meaning to the work.


Leila Alice Smith is a contemporary artist based in Glasgow. Working mainly across sculpture and installation her practice explores material agency to investigate perceptual experience with the non-human and phenomenology.

A recent graduate of The Glasgow School of Art, she completed a Masters of Research in Creative Practices, and has taught in across the UK in various art institutions, including Central Saint Martins, Glasgow School of Art and the University of the West of Scotland.

In 2017 she was also awarded BBC's 100 Most Inspiring Women, and continues to teach and develop workshops for arts organisations.


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