Lesley Finlayson

Website: http://www.lesleyfinlayson.co.uk

Email: lesleyfinlayson@gmail.com

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Landscape with plaster, Collograph print, 6.8x5.5cm

Landscape amd plaster, Collograph print, 7x5.5cm

Field detail, Collograph print, 12x7cm

Drypoint landscape orange and red, drypoint, 20.7x4.6cm

Drypoint landscape purple, drypoint, 21x4.6cm

drypoint landscape, drypoint, 20x15cm


My work looks at the landscape in a non representational way and I explore this through the different qualities of various printmaking techniques. By abstracting the imagery I produce creates something more exciting and interesting for the viewer, rather than an accurate description of the landscape we see.


Contemporary Art Practice graduate from the City of Glasgow College.