Linda Kosciewicz



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Breath of Life


Fire Sermon

Dreaming of Mr Bernini

love letter

Longing Part 2


Words, especially poetry has been a major influence throughout my creative career and I would love this opportunity to work with a poet to develop a a piece of work in partnership . My current practice is informed by the human body, music, sound, poetry, literature, movement, life sciences, history, and psychology and neuroscience. A number of my White Series toyobo plate prints were inspired by Sylvia Plaths poetry and specifically Lady Lazarus. This series explored the cultural and symbolic aspects of the colour white - sexuality, innocence, life, death, purity and transience - in relation to the female body and the poetry of Sylvia Plath. I used self representation to explore these themes and was particularly interested in the way that Plath used female personae to translate her emotions and experience. Many of the images from this series have been exhibited widely including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen,London, Wrexham,Arles France and Malyasia. I was a finalist in an international photography competition -Photography Open Salon -based at the Galerie Huit France with “Breath of Life” which was one of the images from this series. “Breath of life” was also shown at Galerie Huit, Malaysia in 2012. My work is festered in a hardback book about the exhibition.
Images from the White Series were featured in the 2011 Plath Profiles magazine published by Indiana University. and currently feature in the Oriel International Print Show 2013 in Wales.

I have received a number of awards and funding for a range of projects over the last couple of years including a knowledge transfer award from the University of Edinburgh to develop a project - Transformations: LIFE PORTRAITS for the Centre for Cognitive Ageing and Cognitive Epidemiology based on their healthy ageing research. I developed four videos on the themes of transience, and time and its passing through the older human body and used movement and music to express this idea. The videos were exhibited at the Great North Museum, Newcastle in Coming of Age: The Art and Science of Ageing.
I recently received a Fife Council Visual arts award to develop artwork and a video - “Nine Thoughts- a riff on fragmentation and loss” based on the themes of dementia, loss, emotions and the wonder of nature. The soundtrack includes spoken word pieces by myself and field recordings of the Burn of Sorrow and Burn of Care at Dollar glen in Scotland.

Milton and Fall stories have also been an influence over recent years and I was awarded the Pauline Fay Lazarus Award for work based on the human body in 2012 for a lithograph - Dream of Venus which was based on the fall story. I'm currently working on images from a project called Culture Club about the Scottish Arts Club in Edinburgh where I was Artist in Residence during April 2013.