Linda Owens



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Connections. collagraph. 68x40cm

Midnight Hatchings. collagraph. 8x18cm

Stepshift. collagraph, piercing,collage,pencil. 30x38cm

Strings Attached. Collagraph. 18x27

String Scribbles. Collagraph. 28x21cm

Well Laced. collagraph. 18x27cm


I enjoy making collagraphs using the sculptural aspects of printmaking where the blank, soft white paper becomes a shallow relief when it exits the press. This approach was inspired, initially, by Birgit Skiold’s work.
Sometimes, I explore idiosyncratic combinations for printing – trying out printing with crotchet threads, hole re-inforcers and quinoa. Handling the materials holds my attention and suggests the next attempt. The playful, experimental aspects of printmaking drive me, rather than working on editions. This results in many trials and errors on the way, some of which turn out to be finished works.


I was born in Edinburgh and studied for the teaching profession in Falkirk. It was there that Archie D. McIntosh encouraged my artistic interest. After qualifying, I continued to feed my creativity by attending classes in silversmithing, painting and pottery. Classes in mini-sculpture, drawing and life painting followed at Edinburgh College of Art.
In the 1990’s I completed courses in etching, screenprinting, woodcut and lithography at Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop and Dunfermline Printmakers and made work in both.
After a spell making collagraphs, I am revising my etching techniques Forth Valley college, Stirling while still making work at Edinburgh.
Before retiring, I taught art, part-time, locally for a further education college.


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