Linden Hopwood



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Uncovered, oil on stretched linen, 16"x12"

Paddy, oil on stretched linen, 14"x14"

Cherry Lips, oil on linen-covered panel, 5.5"x4.5"

Backward Glance, oil on linen-covered panel. 16"x12"

Wishing, oil on stretched linen, 22"x14"

Alfie, oil on linen-covered Dibond® panel, 16"x14"


Linden is an artist who creates realistic portrait, figurative and still life works. Using traditional, time-honoured oil painting methods and materials, much of the work is commissioned and therefore in private collections. When Linden exhibits or displays his work in public, which is rare, it is usually only as an 'invited artist' to specific gallery or educational events. He's enjoyed a multitude of educational, professional and social experiences which he draws upon in depicting different subjects. Linden describes himself as just an ordinary guy, husband, father, dog-walker, occasional golfer and sometimes painter. Whilst this is all true, Linden's ever increasing accomplishments have forced the 'sometimes painter' into the wider public eye, bringing international recognition as a figurative artist. Although recently described as 'internationally acclaimed’, Linden tends to shy away from such plaudits, preferring to abide by the simple and unpretentious artist statement of 'I paint’ . Linden lives and works in the Kingdom of Fife, Scotland.