Lindsey Lavender



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'Station Way' acrylic on paper 30x40cm

'Peace' acrylic & oil on canvas 65x90 cm

'Close' acrylic on paper 30x40cm

'London Pend' acrylic on paper 30x40cm

'Access Stair' acrylic and oil on board 15x21cm

'Stair Door' acrylic and oil on board 15x21cm


Painting predominates Lindsey's practice with drawing as a fundamental, underpinning aspect. Through her current work Lindsey examines the urban environment seeking simple, overlooked observations with a fascination for the mundane but necessary.

Lindsey's architectural background has gifted her with a passion for the built environment; the buildings and the spaces in between. Lindsey is intrigued and inspired by the alleyways, structures and derelict places which shape our towns and cities, as much as by the architecture.

Through her current work, Lindsey examine the urban environment; she seeks simple, overlooked observations with a fascination for the mundane but necessary aspects of city life. Lindsey bypasses the elaborate façades and delves instead into the service access ways, back streets and edgelands for inspiration.

Lindsey's work has a sense of narrative and an atmosphere of calm which draws the viewer in. She explores the rhythm of light and shade, often on the seemingly ordinary; seeing the everyday in a new light.


Lindsey's first exhibition piece ‘Forest Series – Untitled’ was awarded the Connell & Connell Prize at the SSA Open Exhibition 2013. Since then she has maintained a busy schedule of exhibiting across the UK.

Lindsey recently had her first Solo Exhibition ‘Transforming The Ordinary’ which was shown at The Meffan Gallery in Forfar and then the Montrose Museum Gallery.

Lindsey was recently elected a Professional Member of both the SSA and VAS.

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