Lin Li



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Time Has No End / acrylic on canvas board / 60cmx45cm

The Light of Day is Sweet / wood, stone, shells, digital slideshow / 2.2mx1mx1m

Fragments of Peace / digital film, colour with sound

Samsara / digital film, colour with sound

Listening to the News / digital film, colour with sound

Mistily the Wind Blows / sound, 3 min 35sec


Through my creative practice, I explore the temporal and transient dimensions of nature and human experiences. Making art work to me is like looking out of a window in twilight, when both the view outside and my reflection on the window pane are unclear. The inside and the outside appear to overlap, but never quite merge. As light changes, the clarity of the two views shifts but what I can see often eludes me and this ineffability is the essence of art that will never be fully grasped.


Originally from Hong Kong and now settled in Scotland, I started my art practice after years of teaching and academic research in Social Sciences. I began with painting and gradually took up other mediums. Since 2011, moving image and sound have been the core elements in my creative work.