Lisa O’Brien



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Edges 12, Pastel, charcoal, penacil, 21cm x 12cm


Lisa's practice draws on sound, visual and experiential elements. Current work is on paper and canvas creating traces and records of movements, imprints of emotions using transient media and materials such as pigment, graphite, watercolour, charcoal, moving thread and tissue papers such as japanese kozo papers juxtaposed with solid acrylic marks. The gestures she uses are instinctive responses to and expressions of an inner emotional landscape.


Lisa O’Brien is based on the West Coast of Scotland. In the 80’s she studied Expressive Arts at Brighton Polytechnic which included music composition, performance and sculpture. During this time she developed an interest in working with classical instruments and the voice, and exploring the whole spectrum of sounds they offered. After completing her degree she moved to Milan, Italy where she studied Italian language. Much of her subsequent composition and performance work looked to push the boundaries of how instruments and language can be abstracted and juxtaposed to create an interpretation of an event or experience. Her work as a composer has been performed nationally at venues such as the British Music Information Centre, London, the National Geographic Building, London and she won the Princes Trust Young Composers Award in 1992 with her piece Losing Gravity.
In 2004 after completing the first year of her MA Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University Lisa moved to Scotland completed her MFA at Aberdeen in 2007. She was selected as Scottish Arts Council artist of the month and was selected for Open Frequency on Axis artists. She has won several awards and her work has been shown nationally and internationally. More recently she has begun to work in mixed media using language and charts and responding to her immediate environment, weather conditions and mood.


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