Lorna Bates

Website: http://www.lornabates.com

Email: lornabatesartist@gmail.com

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I have a particular interest in the domestic interior of the home and its inhabitants’ belongings both collected and treasured within it. I believe that pattern found within the home, whether on paper, fabric, or china, has more to offer than mere decoration.

I make and use stencils. Stencils have been a popular way of producing repeat patterns throughout the history of wallpaper, textiles and ceramics. The stencil may be solid and precision cut, even more so now that we have precise laser cutting, but I want to show that it is what an artist does with a stencil that can be exciting, innovative and expressive.

Painted pattern is the main focus within my MA both historically and in contemporary practice. I would be very interested in hearing from anyone that has a view or insight into the subject.


Born in England in 1965. Brought up and educated in Scotland. Graduated from Glasgow School of Art in the 1980s and currently living in Wales and back in education at Wrexham Glyndwr University studying for an MA in Art Practice.


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