Louise Fraser

Website: http://www.louise-k-fraser.com

Email: louise_k_381@hotmail.com

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paper architecture

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sun stain



Artist Statemen​​​​​​​​​​t

“She is playing with the imperceptible changes, which are the features of our closest surroundings and hardly ever noticed”
Dr. Peter Brinkemper on artist’s work

“Fraser’s work focuses on memory… a total immersion in her surroundings, interior and exterior merging into an intimate impression of place”
Jack Mattram The List on artist’s work

As an artist my art, for me is simply about my response to the environment I inhabit. My work is about my visual obsessions, finding ways of translating the idea of architecture, nature, the process of change and the story within that. I want to bring life to these structures, drawing out the notion that we are honed and moulded by our environment.​

My art draws people’s attention to the space they are in, the space they consume, the space that they leave their imprint on. What I feel my work does is to let people take a pause, to consider their surroundings, look in a new way and connect their narratives to it.

Freelance Art's Education
Since completing my Masters in Fine Art in 2005 at Edinburgh College of Art, I have taught art and art history for a number of different Galleries and councils. In both Edinburgh, Fife, Aberdeen and Glasgow and my employers include institutions such as the National Galleries of Scotland. My practice as an artist is extensive but concentrates mainly on drawing, animation, printmaking and sculpture. This diverse practice enables me to teach in a wide variety of subjects to a high level.

I see the education work I undertake as an extension of my art practice. Each workshop I devise, research and lead is created with the idea of making art accessible to everyone. I teach and tutor to a diverse range of groups including nursery, primary, secondary, as well adults and individuals with special needs.


​​Bachelor of Arts in Tapestry Honours of The First Class Edinburgh College of Art​

Master of Fine Arts in Tapestry Edinburgh College of Art​​

Visually Impaired audio description training RNIB, National Galleries of Scotland and Artlink

Edinburgh International Festival International education artist development project

PDGE in Art and Desing Secondary and Primary The Universtiy of Edinburgh