Louise Montgomery

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Email: louisesmontgomery@hotmail.com

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My art deals with ideas of differing existences, memory’s and thought processes, exploring the fragile but steadfast nature of the world and ourselves.
how we construct our inner world and together the world around us, what happens when this understanding falters, when person falls threw the “consensus”.
because of this my art often does look outer worldly, asking the viewer to make their own idea of reality by follow the thread of their own thought. I feel my own self and world has to be constructed this way, after having become homeless, after this experience I had to rebuild the world around me for myself, whether there was a place for me or not. I let the conscious and subconscious direct my work, It’s only once the painting has been finished when I know where the ideas truly come from, by doing this I can figure out both the conscious and subconscious world. I feel the subconscious brain is a useful tool in art, for both artist as well as viewer, I’ve been looking at neuroscience in particular the connections between art and the brain, to facilitate my knowledge in how we look at the world and art.
I take my inspiration from artists that would be considered against the norms of life such as the drawings of Carl Fredrik Hill and Ernst Josephson, both artists suffering from mental illness and having to reconstruct their world from this.


Louise Montgomery artists biography
Born in Edinburgh louise moved to the highlands of Scotland, where her teachers noticed her interest in art and decided to cultivate it, on leaving school Louise went to Gray’s school of art in Aberdeen passing with a BA HONS degree in sculpture. She then moved to Glasgow and Edinburgh to pursue her career in art, organising art exhibitions and volunteering, discovering artists from all over the world was of great inspiration. In her art work she often concentrates on the duality of the world and questions how we can view the world in such a oppositional way.
knowing her interest lay in drawing she set out her knowledge and techniques of the subject gaining many historical influences from Carl Fredrik Hill to Paul Klee as well as being influenced by contemporary artists such as Anne Rothenstein, Jockum Nordstrom.
Materials and techniques play a large role in the artist’s work, l Montgomery experiments with new ways of drawing with mixed media such as collage, ink, using transfer techniques and often makes her own paint. She uses materials against themselves using the propensity of the materials to repel or attract one and other, this also relays back to ideas of opposing existence.


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