Louise Montgomery

Website: https://louisesmontgomery.wixsite.com/louisemontgom19/

Email: louisesmontgomery@hotmail.com

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All of us, mixed media, 59x42cm

Folk in the dark, mixed media, 84x59cm

In protection of, mixed media, 59x42cm

Visit, mixed media, 84x59cm

king of all I can see, mixed media, 41x31cm

Sunny, mixed media, 80x60cm


The basis of my work comes from exploring drawing and mixed media I like to experiment a lot with new materials such as pigment, crayon and transfer drawing it’s this experimentation which helps to expand my practise.
My work explores the fragile but steadfast nature of the world and ourselves, the artwork often walks the line between the calm and the chaotic, I like to question how we can view the world, creating a consensus reality that in fact isn’t a consensus at all. Many in the world having ideas that move in countless diverging ways.
I use the subconscious brain as a tool in my art, at first glance the brain is dealing with very basic information and I like to use the idea of the first glance in my work, often choosing to alter our first sight threw disruption and chaos I can create further understanding of human viewpoint thought and feeling.


Louise Montgomery artists biography
Born in Edinburgh Louise moved to the highlands of Scotland, where her teachers noticed her interest in art and decided to cultivate it, on leaving school she went to Gray’s school of art in Aberdeen getting a BA HONS degree in sculpture. She then moved to Glasgow and Edinburgh to pursue her career in art, organising art exhibitions and volunteering, discovering artists from all over the world was of great inspiration. In her art work she often concentrates on the duality of the world and questions how we can view the world in such a opposing way.
knowing her interest lay in drawing she set out her knowledge and techniques of the subject gaining many historical influences from Carl Fredrik Hill to Paul Klee as well as being influenced by contemporary artists such as Anne Rothenstein, Jockum Nordstrom.
Materials and techniques play a large role in the artist’s work, l Montgomery experiments with new ways of drawing with mixed media such as collage, ink, using transfer techniques and often makes her own paint. She uses materials against themselves using the propensity of the materials to repel or attract one and other, this also relays back to ideas of opposing existence.


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