Louise Wilde

Website: https://louwilde.com/

Email: louisewildeshowreel@gmail.com

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As a practising artist I strongly believe that observational drawing plays a vital role in the creative process and is a fundamental tool. The concept that 'to learn to draw, you have to learn to see' is something I feel very strongly about, and I embed this approach into my practice. My particular interest as an observational artist lies within the animate form – in attempting to capture motion, movement, gesture and expression, through drawn marks. I am fascinated by the possibilities of a moving image captured within one single frame – a frozen point in time which carries the weight of a drama played out or about to be played out.

My current work amalgamates printmaking, drawing and animation to depict the animate form. As an active member at Edinburgh Printmakers I have been investigating ideas and experimenting with traditional printmaking processes, techniques and materials to create hand-printed sequential moving imagery such as additive and reductive drypoint etching (https://vimeo.com/286480115), mono-printing (https://vimeo.com/286480226) and additionally copper plate etching with aquatint to create an animated sequence which can be viewed using a pre-cinema 19th century optical toy device called a praxinoscope (https://vimeo.com/255076583).