Lucilla Sim



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the archaic sea 26x26cm

snow blast 60x52cm

orange strip 10x2cm

Cuillins, Skye

a secret barn

the empire declines


Artists Statement
I am a painter and a maker of wooden constructions. Influenced by poetry and the patterns of weather, geology and archaeology in the Scottish landscape I often paint and draw outdoors. My assemblages using wood and found objects are made in the studio.
I have sailed to St Kilda and many of the islands on the west coast of Scotland. The influence of these journeys can be seen in my work with the use of sea charts, nautical terminology and calibrated measurements. The paradoxical feeling whilst sailing of high elation and then extreme fear is fascinating and feeds into my creative exploration and process.
My work can be focused and specific and some pieces are fleeting glimpses between impulse and memory.
A new area of development for me is using pieces of wood of different thickness and lengths which are then layered and painted.