Lucinda Ferguson


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College Lecturer Edinburgh college May 2015 Soft Pastels on paper

Jack from the market 2016 Acrylic on Canvas

Self Portrait May 2015 Soft Pastels on paper

Selection of Portraits ,soft pastels on paper ,from left to right Ez,Neil Manning,Mittens,Stormin Normin,My Cousin Lyn ,Self portrait

Self Portrait Soft Pastels on paper May 2015

You Look Ok To Me,16 Paintings and film


Painting and drawing ,raw imagery , quirky portraits and stop frame films .I capture facial expressions rarely are my results kind to me or anyone . I like to discuss through variety of mediums social ans environmental issues, lets have a look at whats happening in the world, i never do dogma you can make your own mind up ,i help explain the facts but may twist them.
I have been using Motor Cars as metaphors .I like weird and quirky humor which is evident in my work.


Borders College Art and design 2012/14
Edinburgh College Art and Design 2014/15
Forth Valley College Contemporary Art Practice finishing end of year two 2015/17