Lynda Marwood



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Red Shape, Pastel Drawing SOLD

Resounding Silence 50cm square mix media on panel 2019

A Place of Absence 2019 mix media on panel SOLD

"dwellings" 3d mix media collage 2018/19

"dwellings" reverse 3d mix media collage on recycled wood 2018/19

Small works 7-15cm square 2018/19


The territory Lynda Marwood engages with is that ambiguous space which lies between abstraction and figuration: a place where the viewer is invited to form their own conclusions and interpretations. Lynda uses improvisation and a spontaneous approach to explore the possibilities which lie before her: this involves the pushing and pulling of the physical and metaphorical elements into tensions and harmonies which will lead to a conclusion. Lynda translates her experience of being alive in the environment, a process which involves taking mental and physical notes which she feels is as much unconscious as it is conscious. Her contemplative observation of the developing images is as important as the physical application of media. Hers is a working process which involves daily practice and engagement, the physicality of application, scraping back, erasing and forming is at once reductive and additive in nature.