Lynn Keddie



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Love in a storm

Spring furnace

Watching the storm

Winter's last gasp

Rodden meadow

Into the sun


I paint because I have always loved it, painting for me is like breathing, without it I would die-metaphorically.

I spend a lot of time outside in my home county of Somerset and before, Wiltshire. A stunningly beautiful part of our country with a vast, ever-changing sky, changeable weather, fields, rivers, coastline, planes and woodland. It is this energy, these colours this sense of place that I try to capture.

I paint in oils, I love the colours, their buttery consistency, and the smell. I love moving it around on a canvas, often without a plan, just a collection of carefully chosen colours on my palette to start and a memory of a place: a mood, a Winter sky, glowing seed-heads drifting across a meadow on a gloomy day, colours of fields near and far. Then without rational thought, I paint. Intuitively laying down colours, making marks to explain the essence of a place.

With my later abstract florals, I explore my relationship with flowers their colours and shapes. But the paintings are not just flowers they are symbolic of a mood, a feeling, an emotion. I have grown and photographed flowers for decades to me they are magical, beautiful, life-giving. I am always reminded of this quote, often shortened but here more profound as the writer intended:

“Earth laughs in flowers, to see her boastful boys
Earth-proud, proud of the earth which is not theirs;
Who steer the plough but cannot steer their feet
Clear of the grave.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

The earth rules us and I respect that.


Lynn is a contemporary painter of landscapes and abstract florals. Her gestural, expressive style captures the essence of a place, a mood, a time. Painting with the seasons, capturing the colour and movement with bold and energetic mark-making. She has a close relationship with nature having photographed it professionally for nearly 20 years. Despite this she doesn't work from photographs rather spending time within a space, absorbing the energy and colours memorising elements that capture that space in time with occasional rough sketches.
Using a simple palette and finding colours within this she uses palette knives, rags and occasional brushwork to capture the picture. Often painting over a painting to give depth and surprises, allowing elements of a past painting to creep into the final work. They are often layered and highly textured.

Lynn Is mostly self-taught but has studied under:
Louise Balaam NEAC RWA
Sarah Spencer RAS NEAC
Paul Newland NEAC RWS
Alice Mumford St Ives School of Art

2017 shortlisted by the Royal West Academy (1 work)
2016 shortlisted by the Royal Society of Marine Artists-Mall Galleries (2 works)
2015 shortlisted by the Royal West Academy (1 work)
2014 shortlisted by the Royal West Academy (2works)

Lynn’s work can be found in private collections in London, Wales, Wiltshire, Spain and Vancouver