Maggie Bisset Graham



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Highland Ceilidh

Highland Sea Maiden

West Highland Way

St Kilda Heritage Village

Highland Cow

Craigend Stables, Mugdock Country Park


Discovering and appreciating art beyond the experience of gallery researcher/spectator for me was groundbreaking. Art has taught me it has few boundaries and as my journey with it progresses, it never ceases to take me by surprise. It has become my companion and my mentor. In my mind it releases a sort of magical energy that pushes me on to use it to express myself through sketching and painting. My art simply evolves from subjects that catch my eye and inspire me to be creative. I try and capture different facets of everyday life from portraiture to landscapes by focusing my attention on the influence of light and colour.

I enjoy experimenting and exploiting the benefits of a range of media, with each artwork telling a different story, often embellishing truth with fiction.

Like all artists, my goal is to succeed as an artist by involving and engaging a captive audience.


Born in the suburbs of Glasgow, in 1952 Maggie, married a history teacher, has three children and 6 grandchildren. Her early career as museum curator involved her working collaboratively with visual and performing arts specialists on the interpretation and design of temporary exhibition themes and the delivery of art projects to schools, social work groups and other community organisations. She has a BSc in History and Sociology and was awarded a PhD in Museum and Gallery Development in 1999. She went on to lead a University cultural heritage research team for more than a decade.

Maggie dabbled in art as a self-taught hobby while raising her family. For the past five years she has taken the subject more seriously by participating in various accredited and non-accredited applied art courses to widen her portfolio and expertise.

She is in the final stages of her Higher Education Certificate in Applied Arts, which is due to be awarded in 2019.

Currently Maggie is Exhibition convenor of her local art club and exhibits locally twice yearly.

As a starting point, Maggie prefers to interact directly with her subjects. From thereon she builds her compositions using her imagination and exploring various painting techniques taking a mixed media approach.