Marcel O'Connor



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Tabernacle, wax and oil, 56 cms x 56 cms

continent, wax encaustic on board, 1m x1m

A Surface of flags, oil and wax, 60 cms x 30 cms

Red and Yellow flag, wax encaustic on board, 58 cms x 30cms

Residues of Green, wax encaustic on board, 22 cms x 31cms

Black Arena, wax encaustic on board, 1m x1m


“....he has taken icons as resonant source material and has employed a traditional technique of wax encaustic. The resulting works explore an interplay of colour and abstract forms close to the picture surface and the special qualities afforded by wax. As with the icons that inspire them, these works offer themselves for contemplation”.


Marcel was born in Lurgan, N.Ireland and now lives and works in Fife, Scotland.
As an artist he has developed a rich style of encaustic / wax painting with subject matter ranging from flag images exploring cultural confusion, to structures influenced by Byzantine art exploring inverse perspective, to pure painterly formalist approaches.


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