María Royuela Marqués



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'Feel Me, Feel You' - Installation - Glass jars containing lemons, limes and natural thyme.

'Feel Me, Feel You' - Installation - Sculptural piece and projections (107 x 70cm)

'Feel Me, Feel You' - Installation - Sculptural piece and projections (107 x 70cm)

'Feel Me, Feel You' - Installation - General view


The exploration and better understanding of who I am is something that has been constantly present in my practice in one way or another. This has led me to analyse in a deeper way the aspects that form my persona, which range from daily life actions to my background and ethnicity.

My current work results in the creation of a multisensory space in which the viewer feels totally immersed. It consists of a room in which projections, sound, a sculptural piece and a particular scent interact with each other. Each of those is a representation of my own experiences associated with either body or mind, or both at the same time.


Spanish artist who moved to Scotland four years ago to train and shape her career as an artist. Previous to this, she studied a baccalaureate in Plastic Arts, Image and Design in her hometown (Teruel, Spain). She has recently graduated with a BA (Hons) Fine Art through the University of the Highlands and Islands. Due to experiencing a new culture and the continuous changes of location over the last few years, the artist tries to find herself through art. To do so, she uses a wide variety of techniques to explore different aspects of her personality and identity. In her last projects, she has worked with video, sound, sculpture and installation.


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