Marion Thomson



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Big Sea ,Iona Oil on Canvas 90cm x 75cm

Green Seas ,Luskintyre Oil on Canvas 95cm x 80cm

The Bay at Balranald Oil on Canvas 40cm x 40cm

The River in Winter Oil on Canvas 25cm x 25cm

The Old Quarry , Mugdock Oil on Canvas 35cmx 35cm

Near the Moor Oil on Canvas 20cmx 20cm


For as long as I can remember the Outer Hebrides and the western seaboard of Scotland have been a source of inspiration and delight to me . The unique qualities of that landscape - its remoteness , its sense of rugged endurance contrasted with the delicacy of certain shorelines , the physical isolation of the people and their homes - all create a powerfull drama that draws me back again and again .
The familiar landscape closer to home- the Campsie Fells rising over the fields and burns and pockets of moorland - have different qualities. Here the drama is more human , where hedges and farms reveal our relationship with the land .
My work tries to focus on moments in these contrasting dramas - the combinations of light and weather , time of day or season playing in the landscape, fleeting changes that create the sense of space and the atmosphere of these places .
The use of colour in subtly expressive ways , reveals and accentuates these qualities . The depth and luminosity of colour in these landscapes can be surprising and the medium of oil paint helps me to find this in my work.


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